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Press Release

CADSEV Visual Arts Students Achieve Milestone as Paintings Garner Purchase by Stakeholder

Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas – July 1, 2023

In an unprecedented confluence of artistic talent and patronage, the creative endeavors of Visual Arts students at the Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas (CADSEV) have transcended the realm of classroom learning to earn a place of honor in the collection of Mr. Michael Loberiano, the esteemed owner of KingPrints and a passionate advocate for artistic expression. This remarkable achievement serves as an inspiring testament to the depth of creativity nurtured within CADSEV’s hallowed halls and showcases the boundless potential of dedicated young artists.

Elevating Artistry: A Brushstroke of Excellence:

On the significant date of July 1, 2023, a new chapter was inscribed in the chronicles of CADSEV as the artistic aspirations of Niño B. Cinco, Myles Sheldon S. Olano, and Koshanamae M. Bangajon, Visual Arts students, were brought to life in a most poignant manner. Their canvases, a symphony of colors, emotions, and skill, garnered the attention and appreciation of Mr. Michael Loberiano. His discerning eye recognized not just their aesthetic brilliance but the deeper narratives and creative courage embedded within their works.

Art as a Bridge: A Serendipitous Connection:

The journey that led to this milestone was as serendipitous as it was inspiring. Mr. Loberiano was cordially invited to share his insights as a distinguished speaker during TULAY, a career guidance event hosted by CADSEV. His engaging discourse resonated deeply with the audience, and it was during his interaction with the school’s creative community that he experienced a fortuitous encounter with the artworks. Mr. Loberiano’s presence was a testament to the bridge that art builds—a bridge connecting generations, experiences, and passions.

Stoking the Fires of Imagination: A Fusion of Vision and Expression:

The paintings that captured Mr. Loberiano’s heart are a revelation of the artists’ profound ability to infuse paint and canvas with their innermost thoughts and visions. Niño B. Cinco, Myles Sheldon S. Olano, and Koshanamae M. Bangajon poured their souls onto their canvases, resulting in works that resonate with an authenticity and emotional depth that transcends words. Their artistry becomes a mirror reflecting the convergence of imagination and skill, offering viewers a glimpse into their creative journeys.

Nurturing Creativity: A Testament to Mentorship:

The success of these young artists is not solely their achievement; it stands as a testament to the transformative influence of guidance and mentorship. The nurturing environment fostered by CADSEV’s Visual Arts faculty has been instrumental in shaping and refining the talents of students like Niño B. Cinco, Myles Sheldon S. Olano, and Koshanamae M. Bangajon. Under their guidance, these individuals have been empowered to transcend their own limitations and embrace the full spectrum of their artistic capabilities.

Inspiration Unveiled: Inspiring the Next Generation:

The acquisition of these paintings by Mr. Loberiano goes beyond a mere transaction—it resonates as an inspiration for current and aspiring CADSEV students. It emphasizes the pivotal role of education, mentorship, and relentless pursuit of creativity in crafting not just aesthetically appealing works, but pieces that strike a chord within the hearts of appreciators. This achievement serves as a beacon of hope and a source of motivation, encouraging students to trust in their creative instincts and believe in the power of their artistic voices.

A Tapestry Woven: The Deeper Narrative:

As the brushstrokes and narratives of these young artists find a new home in Mr. Loberiano’s collection, a deeper narrative emerges—a narrative of dedication, passion, and shared appreciation for the arts. Their journey becomes a part of the broader tapestry of artistic expression, a tapestry that connects artists, patrons, and audiences in a celebration of the human spirit’s innate need to create and appreciate beauty.

In the larger context, this achievement stands as a glowing example of how education and artistic expression can coalesce to transform lives and reshape perspectives. The stories of Niño B. Cinco, Myles Sheldon S. Olano, and Koshanamae M. Bangajon remind us that art is a universal language that transcends barriers and unites diverse souls through shared experiences.

As these young artists’ works continue to inspire and leave an indelible imprint, they become a living testament to the potential that lies within every canvas and the power of art to catalyze change, ignite passion, and pave the way for a brighter, more expressive future.

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