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End of Quarter 4

As Quarter 4 concludes, take a moment to celebrate achievements. Results will guide your path. Use the break to recharge. Embrace the future with excitement and stay connected for updates.

Fourth Quarter Examination for Grade 11

Get ready for success! Grade 11’s fourth quarter examination is approaching on May 30, 2024. Review guidelines, practice effectively, and believe in yourself. Results will guide your growth. Your dedication will shine in your performance.

Fourth Quarter Examination for Grade 12

Welcome to the path of success. The fourth quarter examination for Grade 12 is approaching on May 23, 2024. Review guidelines, manage time effectively, and believe in your abilities. Results will guide your growth. Your dedication will shine through in your performance.

Supreme Secondary Learner Government Elections

Welcome to the realm of student democracy at Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas. The SSLG elections are here, offering candidates a chance to lead and students a voice in shaping their school. Engage, vote, and be part of the change. Results will be announced after the elections. Your voice matters!

Start of Academic Quarter 4

A fresh chapter begins as we step into Academic Quarter 4 on April 5, 2024. Explore new themes, engage in workshops, and embrace growth opportunities. Stay connected, manage your time wisely, and set meaningful goals for this quarter. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

End of Academic Quarter 3

The final pages of Academic Quarter 3 have turned, marking a significant milestone. Reflect on your achievements, set intentions, and embrace the holiday season. As the next chapter awaits, stay connected and carry your enthusiasm forward.

Third Quarter Examination

Prepare for success as the third quarter examination approaches. Follow guidelines, review materials, and practice efficiently. Stay confident and uphold integrity. We wish you the best for your examination. For details, reach out to us.

In-Service Training

Step into a world of professional growth with our In-Service Training Program. Elevate your skills, network with peers, and stay ahead in your field. Choose from diverse workshops, learn from experts, and customize your learning journey. Invest in yourself, and let’s shape a brighter future together.

Midyear Break

As the School Midyear Break commences on January 24, 2023, it’s time to unwind and recharge. Engage in wellness activities, quality time with loved ones, and holiday exploration. Reflect on your journey, set intentions, and prepare for the upcoming semester. We’ll be here, excited to welcome you back with open arms.

End of Academic Quarter 2

The final pages of Academic Quarter 2 have turned, marking a significant milestone. Reflect on your journey, anticipate results, and set new goals. Stay connected as we prepare for the next chapter ahead.