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About Us

The Center for Creative Arts Development for Senior High Schools in the Region

Calbayog Arts and Design School of Eastern Visayas focuses on developing students-artists in the fields of visual arts, media arts, dance, music, literary arts, and theater arts performance as its basic mandates in line with the K to 12 curriculum implementation geared to improving the quality, access, equity, and resiliency of the school.

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About Us

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Consistently produces scholars & college qualifiers

Our institution boasts a strong record of scholars and college qualifiers. Our focus on academic excellence, holistic development, and personalized support has led to numerous graduates excelling academically and gaining admission to respected colleges and universities. This showcases our commitment to shaping successful futures.

Competitive work immersion experience

Students benefit from a competitive work immersion in esteemed arts and design offices. This hands-on experience provides insights and skills beyond the classroom, fostering industry-ready professionals. Engaging with experts enhances their readiness for successful careers in the field.

Robust Stakeholder Support

Our endeavor thrives with the backbone of robust stakeholder support. From dedicated educators to engaged parents and the local community, our shared commitment drives success. Together, we empower educational excellence and shape a promising future for all.

Adopt-a-student Program

Our institution proudly presents the "Student Empowerment through Adoption" program. This initiative creates a bridge between willing supporters and deserving students, fostering a nurturing environment where educational aspirations can flourish. Through this program, we make strides towards equitable education and brighter futures.

Discover Our Campus Amenities

Explore enriched education through vibrant facilities.

Immerse yourself in an enriched educational experience as you navigate our dynamic campus facilities. Designed to invigorate learning, each space resonates with vibrancy and purpose. From state-of-the-art classrooms fostering interactive discussions to innovative labs that ignite curiosity, our facilities are integral to your journey of knowledge and growth.

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Jun 10

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CADSEV enjoys the rich cultural heritage and artistic atmosphere that the city has to offer.


P6 Tomalon Estate
Brgy. Gadgaran,
Calbayog City, Samar


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